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photo of Warehouse
little red box This massive red brick and concrete building would be impressive in any setting; it is especially so in the small Wisconsin town where Wright was born. Designed in 1915 and constructed between 1917 and 1921 for a local commodity wholesaler, Albert Dell German, the four-story warehouse was subsequently used to store sugar, flour, coffee, tobacco and other staples.
little red box More recently, it was modified to accommodate a gift shop and small theater on the first floor, and an exhibition of large photo murals which illustrate Wright's architectural work on the second floor.

little red box The Warehouse is one of only a few major public buildings designed by Wright during the midteens that was actually constructed. With the demolition of his Midway Gardens in Chicago and the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, it has become the only extant example from that decade in which he employed sculptural ornamentation so extensively. The elaborate cast concrete frieze of repeated geometric motifs surrounding the upper portion of the The Warehouse foreshadows Wright's even more extensive integration of structure and ornament in the concrete block residences he designed in the 1920's.

300 South Church Street, Richland Center, Wisconsin 53581
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No Tours are available at this time - Drive-by only
No Tours are available at this time - Drive-by only

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